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About Kunle


Kunle, the host of Presentation School Podcast is a highly skilled and experienced presentation trainer with a passion for helping individuals and organizations improve their presentation skills.  

With over a decade of experience as a professional trainer, Kunle has developed a deep understanding of the best practices in presentations. He is well-versed in the latest trends and techniques.

As an international trainer whose work spans across Europe and Africa, Kunle has a proven track record of delivering engaging and effective training sessions that help participants improve their confidence and ability to create and deliver impactful presentations. 

Kunle’s clients include professionals from Rolls Royce, Airbus, Siemens etc, as well as award winning,  organisations in Germany i.e.  HiSolutions,, Scholz & Friends  as well as Capital Fields. in Africa.

In addition to his training skills, Kunle is a gifted communicator and presenter, with a talent for capturing the attention of his audience and keeping them engaged. He is professional, positive, and supportive,. Plus, he  has a passion for helping others succeed.

In his former life, he built a 40 staff fast food company, opened and operated 5 outlets within 36 months. He sold the business when he got an offer he couldn’t refuse.  

Kunle holds a Bachelors Degree in Real Estate and an MBA. 
He is passionate about life and loves Jesus!


Fun Facts

Kunle completed a half marathon without training - he nearly died.
He completed a full marathon with training - still almost died.
Kunle plans to complete a triathlon - wish him luck.

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