I'm Kunle, I train individuals and corporations on People Skills; and I got here by car.

Let me explain.

Working with individuals and corporations to improve their People Skills isn't what I wanted to be "when I grow up". All I wanted to do was drive a car while I was a student.
But, because my Dad said "anybody who wants to drive a car should buy a car", he didn't let me drive one of his. So, I got a job....and bought my own car.

Turns out that when you have a car, you need money to fuel and maintain the car!
The bigger the head, the bigger the headache! I didn't always know that!

Consequently, I had a BIG headache. I had to finance my car and go to class at the same time. 


The solution showed up in form of a Popcorn business, which I enabled me to get some income, while I was in class. From Popcorn, we added donuts, ice-cream, chicken and chips etc. 
That's how I got into the Fast Food Business.

In 2007, we rolled out Kays Chippy, a fast food business operation, and within 48 months we grew to a 26 people organisation. I suddenly had the idea that we could become the "African Macdonalds". I
 decided to study for an MBA to learn about creating a franchise system to make it happen.

In the course of my MBA studies, I was approached by the CEO of a language school to teach Business Communication to her clients in a Fortune 500 company. This is when, and how I discovered my passion for working with individuals and corporations on People Skills.


Currently, I teach People Skills to organizations and individuals in Africa and Europe.

Like I said, I got here by car.....and its been a long and amazing drive. 

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