Orankan Resources & Training


Kunle was born in Lagos, Nigeria and got his Bachelor Degree in Real Estate Management at the University of Ife, Nigeria. During his studies he started a popcorn business that quickly developed into a mini-fast food operation with a staff of four.


In 2007 Kunle founded Kays Chippy, a fast food company selling coffee, chips, chicken, ice cream etc. Within 48 months the business opened three outlets and had over 26 staff members. Kunle thought “Hhmm, maybe we could become the African McDonald’s” and decided to study for an MBA in Europe to learn how to create a Kays Chippy franchise system.

While studying Business Management in Hungary, Kunle was approached by the CEO of a language school to start teaching English to her students. In the end, he found himself teaching Communication to a Fortune 500 company and discovered his true passion. After graduating from his MBA, Kunle moved to Germany with his family and founded Orankan Resources and Training, where he works with individuals and corporations on communication.