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 People Skills Made Easy

Improve your people skills and boost your professional success

You'll learn 3 Essential Pillars of People Skills



Here you’ll learn about first impressions, relationship building, and how to step into your own self confidence.

Friendly Conversation

 Interpersonal Communication

 Here you’ll learn about communicating with and listening to other individuals.


Presentation and Public Speaking

Here you’ll learn to communicate with both small and large groups, as well as communicating online.

Where do you want to go next?

Isaac Newton said “a body at rest will remain at rest until acted upon by an external force.”

If you leave your people skills alone, in 6 months, it’ll be “at rest” on the same level.

Let me be that “external force” and together, we’ll give your people skills sustainable upward motion.


People Skills Coaching Program



Module 1

First Impressions

 ​How to create positive, authentic and hard to forget first impressions

Module 4

Self Confidence for Networking

How to let go of self-doubt and embrace self-confidence for networking

Module 2

Creating Contacts

 How to create corporate and social contacts

Module 3

Building Professional Relationships

How to build fruitful, long lasting professional relationships


Interpersonal Communication

Module 1

Effective Listening

How to listen your way into people’s hearts.

Module 4

Making yourself heard & understood

How to get past communication barriers with ease & grace

Module 2

Understanding Communication Styles

How to identify your communication partners’ preferred communication  style, to enable you relate to them better.

Module 3

One to one communication

How to make deep connection with your communication partner.


Presentation and public ​​speaking

Module 1

Presenting Effectively

How to present your ideas/projects successfully to an audience of up to 25 people.

Module 4

People Skills in a nutshell

Review and recap of 6 Month coaching program.

Module 2

Powerful Public Speaking

How to impactfully share your message and connect with your (large or small) audience on stage.

Module 3

Online Presentations

How to communicate your information and/or message to an online audience.

People Skills Made Easy

Corporate & Individual 

Business Conference
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Head of HSE for EMEA Region,
 Rolls Royce Deutschland Ltd

Practical training approach, with excellent mentoring and feedback. As well as lots of fun in a nice atmosphere.

I definitely recommend it!

People Skills Made Easy FAQ

Hi. I’m Kunle, and I look forward to being your  people skills teacher. Allow me to introduce myself. When I was younger, I was encouraged to strive for independence. If I couldn’t do the work to make something happen, it probably wouldn’t happen. 

In the battle to make my own money while in school, I found that I was really good at selling food to people. I decided to go into the fast food industry on a large scale, so I went to study for an MBA to learn about franchise systems. 

Before I could return to my fast food business, I found myself teaching communication and people skills at a Fortune 500 company.

How? It turns out I was never a shining star with food. It was the people I had done so well with. With great people skills you can accomplish anything, both personally and professionally. This is truly my passion, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Training Testimonials

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