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The Front-Row Effect: How Sitting at the Front can Change Your Life

Have you ever made a small decision that changed your life drastically?

In life, small changes can lead to significant transformation. One such simple yet powerful change is choosing to sit in front. Whether you're attending a conference, a church meeting, a social gathering, or any event where seating isn't reserved.

Positioning yourself in the front row in various contexts, such as classrooms, meetings, or events, can indeed have a significant impact on your engagement, opportunities and overall life experience. In this blog post, you’ll see the benefits of sitting in the “front” and why it's a practice worth adopting.

In my former life, I used to own a growing fast-food company. At some point, we had about 40 employees operating in 5 outlets, two of them operating 24 hours a day. I said in my former life because sitting in the front changed the trajectory of my life forever. Here’s the story in brief.

Donkey years ago, I was in a church service in Debrecen. I stared at the Hungarian pastor like you would stare at someone speaking gibberish (as I didn’t understand Hungarian, hopefully you don't understand gibberish). Fortunately, a lady came to me and started interpreting for me.

Yes, you guessed correctly, I was sitting as close to the front row as possible. (2nd row, if I remember correctly). She told me later that she has a language school and asked if I was happy to come and teach English to her students.

📌 Lesson Learned:

Life prepares you for what life has prepared for you.

It turns out her “students” were middle managers in a Fortune 500 Company! As you can tell, I’m not an English major. But, I had my business, leadership, and life experiences to thank for teaching materials, case studies and subject matters. So, I had solid materials to teach instead of explaining grammar rules and English concepts like “Kunle is a Noun” or "Dance 💃 is a verb”.

The “students” who were managers and team leaders could relate with me well. In fact, they couldn’t get enough of me in the classroom. So, some of them hired me privately for personal and professional coaching. That’s how I started my professional career as an executive coach and international trainer.

Imagine if I was not sitting where I could be seen. My struggling stare at the preacher might have gone unnoticed. Maybe another person sitting in the front might have gotten my interpreter’s attention instead, and she might have gone to them instead of coming to me!

That would mean my life path may not have been what it is today. Missing out on the opportunity to pursue my true calling and positively impact lives and businesses in different countries. Plus, you and I may never have met! Thankfully, I sat in front, that’s why you’re reading this.

I know it seems like a coincidence, and quite frankly, it is. However, I didn’t sit in the front because I wanted someone to interpret for me. It was because I made the conscious decision to always sit in front whenever possible.

Sometimes, a simple but strong decision is all it takes to change your life.

Enough of my story, here are some benefits to you for making a simple but strong decision to sit in front. I call them the…

The Front-Row Advantage

1. Increased Focus:

When you sit in the front, you position yourself closer to the centre of attention. This proximity can help you stay more engaged and focused on what's happening. Whether it's a presentation, a sermon, or a discussion. Distractions become minimal, and your attentiveness improves.

2. Elimination of Distractions:

The front row acts as a buffer zone against distractions. Sitting at the back of a room may expose you to conversations, movements, or visual interruptions from others. However, the front row shields you from these distractions, allowing you to absorb information and connect with the speaker or event more effectively.

3. Enhanced Visibility and Attention:

One of the most significant advantages of being in the front row is that you become more noticeable. Your presence is acknowledged, and you're more likely to be seen and heard. This can be a game-changer, especially when it comes to networking, building relationships, or making an impression on people who matter.

Your Decision

The starting point of change is a decision. You’ll need to make a decision to sit in front at every opportunity. That’s how you start to….

Initiate Change:

As the saying goes, "If you want to change things, you have to change things." Sitting at the front is a simple yet powerful way to initiate change in your life. It can open doors to new opportunities, relationships, and experiences that might have otherwise remained elusive.

Arrive Early:

To secure a front-row seat, arrive at your destination early. This is especially important for events where seating is not pre-assigned. Be among those who arrive early, so you can get the chance to choose a front-row seat.

Overcoming the Fear of Attention/Overcome Shyness

It's true that some individuals avoid the front row because they don't want to draw attention to themselves. However, it's essential to recognize that attention can be a powerful tool for your personal and professional growth.

Practice overcoming these barriers by reminding yourself of the benefits, and gradually getting comfortable with the idea. If it helps, remember that sitting in front changed Kunle’s destiny. Who knows, it might change yours too!


Next time you find yourself in a meeting, an event, or any situation where you have a choice, remember the front-row effect. Take a step forward and embrace the change. Your journey to personal and professional success might just be a front-row seat away.

Until then, Keep your flag flying!

Your growth partner,


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