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If you're interested in improving your networking, and presentation skills...
You've come to the right place.

I'm Kunle

I teach professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers; how to network with people, present their ideas, and sell with ease.

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Monthly Meetup

in Hamburg




3rd Thursday

of every month

Through his methodical and highly engaging teaching approach; Kunle’s training, workshops and materials, inspire as well as inform professionals and entrepreneurs how they can improve their People Skills. 


He teaches how in spite of being an introvert, extrovert, or anywhere in-between, anyone can step away from self-doubt, and step up to network and make friends constantly. As well as present their ideas with confidence, and sell with ease. 


Kunle explains that everything you do will eventually affect someone, somehow, somewhere. He teaches how to develop and refine people skills, so that individuals can enjoy fruitful professional, as well as social relationships everywhere they go.

Monthly Training in Hamburg

You can participate in our full day monthly training courses in Hamburg.

You'll get actionable information, personalized coaching in a fun, & professional atmosphere.

You'll be in a group of not more than 12 participants.

Full Day



  • People Skills
  • Sales & Negotiation

  • Basic Business Training

  • Presentation & Public Speaking

Andres Bianculli

Environmental Engineer

Practical training approach, with excellent mentoring and feedback. As well as lots of fun in a nice atmosphere.

I definitely recommend it!

Simon N'zue

I.T. Product Manager


Loaded with hands-on information, direct coaching and feedback.

Highly recommended!