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it is essential that you’re PMVA trained and certified.Our training are in line with RRN (Restraint Reduction Network) standards. Consequently, we focus on communication and rapport a lot.

The core components of your PMVA training include...

Friendly Young Doctor
Friends in the Lake


You’ll acquire necessary communication skills that’ll enhance your connection with your patients, while you maintain your professional boundaries. Additionally, you’ll gain verbal de-escalation skills with which you can support your patients.


You’ll be shown legal options and implications concerning your professional practice. After an incident occurs on your watch and/or in your ward, rules of thumb on what your next line of actions should, while respecting your local protocol and policies.

Judge Gavel
Physical Therapy


You’ll be trained in low maintenance physical skills that’ll help you disengage and remove yourself from physical harm, assault or danger on the ward. These skills have been risk assessed and are GSA approved.


Completing a PMVA training is an essential requirement from many NHS trusts, healthcare agencies  as well as private mental health hospitals. If you’re just getting started in the mental health sector in any capacity, this training is for you.

Completing a PMVA training is an essential requirement from many NHS trusts, healthcare agencies  as well as private mental health hospitals.



Your annual refresher course as a healthcare professional with prior training and experience will bring you up to date with current best practices, new legislations and physical skills. Additionally, this one day course is a platform for you to refresh your residual skill

There's More

Our team of GSA senior tutors, CAMHS Specialists and mental health professionals are available to assess your organizational and client needs, as well as provide you with support you might require.

Bespoke Training
Consulting Service


Millicent T

Excellent theory and practical session. Kunle made PMVA training exciting.

Faday O

Kunle is an exceptional tutor 110%

L. P.

Fantastic session. 


Kunle is a positive vibe. Value beyond money.

Grace S.

Kunle is very skillful. It was lovely to be here. I learned a lot.


I really enjoyed the course. It’ll help me to improve my practice.

Peter A

It was an insightful and fun session. I had a good time learning.

H. N.

Knowledgeable instructor. Patient and kept us engaged throughout.

Mensah H.

Very Interactive and educative training

Princewill D.

Kunle is a top notch teacher. Very efficient.

Abi F.

Kunle is an excellent tutor, delivering an excellent training


An excellent tutor. I highly recommend him.

Anita A

Kunle is a very amazing trainer

Israel A

Kunle is a very professional teacher

Marigold K

It was an excellent and uplifting experience

Yuriy K.

Very pleasant. Easy approach to learning

Annet L

Very good teacher


Excellent training. Learnt more about PMVA and self care

Carla N

Excellent and friendly teacher

Nosa O

Brilliant Teacher

Robson M

Very energetic and enjoyable session

Jim C.

Great tutor. Made the class interactive. Great experience

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