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Your 5 Fs

Good to knows & FAQs about your 5F Program

Story Time

Family & Friends - The people you love and the people who love you unconditionally.

These are people were there in the past, they’re here for you now, and they’ll be there in the future; regardless of your personal and professional situation.

Fitness - Your mental, emotional & physical wellbeing

You can live your everyday personal and professional life in a way that supports and enhances your fitness and wellbeing. Yes you can. For most people, it’s not knowing “how to do it” that stops them. Your case is different.

Man Jogging

Finances - Resources required for everyday life

You’ve probably heard that “If you only make money when you work, you’ll work until you die.”
Many are unable to enjoy the family and fitness they have in their lives because of inadequate finances. You can positively change that without “winning the lottery” or becoming a workhorse.

Fun - People and activities you choose to spend your free time with

You couldn’t choose your birth family. Granted. If after assessing your current circle of friends and activities; they’re not taking you in the direction of your desired future, it’s time to rejoice. Rejoice because, you my friend are not a tree. You can move into new circles of friends and activities.

All Hands In
Praying Together

Faith - The evidence of things not seen

Is the universe a friendly place? - Albert Einstein.Because of personal and professional history, some people believe that the universe is unfriendly and probably working against them. You’ll be shown how to work with the unseen (but real) world to produce your desired life and lifestyle on a daily basis.


  • What is your interpersonal skills coaching program about?
    People Skills Made Easy Coaching program is aimed at teaching you essential interpersonal skills that are crucial for career advancement. Getting rejected at every job you apply for? Feeling too shy to build new connections? Looking for ways to boost your career and earn more? Then enhancing your people skills is your key to success.
  • How long does the whole program take?
    The duration of our people skills course is 6 months. It is an optimal program duration to learn the essential skills, get the insights from our coach, and apply them in practice.
  • Who is your people skills course for?
    Our course is created for all individuals striving to improve their interpersonal skills and advance their career. People Skills Made Easy Coaching program will be perfect for: - Ambitious managers and employees willing to add persuasiveness when presenting their ideas on meetings - Salespeople & entrepreneurs wanting to build long-lasting trusted relationships with customers – Professionals who need to stay confident during negotiations - Students and graduates looking for ways to break through their career walls - Everyone who is into self-development and networking
  • What is contained in People Skills Made Easy Coaching program?
    Our people skills course consists of 3 unit - Networking, Interpersonal Communication, and Presentation & Public Speaking. Each unit has 4 sessions filled with useful, actionable information, practice and insights.
  • Must I attend every session?
    You don’t have to. Every session is a standalone session. There are no prerequisite sessions, you can choose sessions that are most relevant to you. Although we encourage you to complete the program for maximum impact.
  • Will there be any homework?
    Sure thing. No result can be achieved without any proper practice. Our home tasks are focused on helping you remember the theoretical knowledge received in class, and apply the skills in real life scenarios.
  • Can I access sessions after they take place?
    Absolutely. You can have access to the recordings of all sessions, just ensure to sign up for the package that includes download access. Then, you can recap and refresh your knowledge anytime. No participant will be recorded, you will only see the coach and his presentation.
  • Will all classes of the course take place online?
    Yes. Our interpersonal skills course is available for people from all around the world, and we are proud to teach our international community of like-minded people.
  • How much is your interpersonal skills coaching program?
    We offer various options, from a full course access, to monthly subscription and payment per session. Please consult our Prices & Packages section below to get more information, and choose your prefered package.
  • I am not satisfied with the course. What am I to do?
    Sorry to hear that. If for some reason our interpersonal skills coaching program was not up to your expectations, we will be happy to offer you our 100% money back guarantee. Simply send us an email at within 24 hours of completing your first session, indicate the reason if possible, and we will provide a full refund.
  • Can I cancel my subscription or enrollment?
    Yes. If you are wanting to stop attending the program or cancel your subscription, please contact us at, and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
  • When does my subscription start?
    Your subscription starts immediately you sign up
  • What if I want to dive deeper?
    Personalised, one on one coaching sessions can be arranged.

Lynda O

He has good vibes. Made us feel individually welcome

Christian A

Outstanding trainer. Clear communication, clear instructions, highly engaging.  I learnt a lot

Marvelous O.

Communication and delivery style is outstanding


Enlightening and practical session. I gained a lot.

Nelson J

Kunle is very engaging and passionate.

Denis R

Funny and impactful at the same time

Paya P.

Educational, interesting, practical and relevant training

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