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"Safety First: The Importance and Duration of PMVA Training – How many days?"

How Long is PMVA Training
PMVA Mental Health Professionals

As I was setting up for a one day PMVA refresher training session in Manchester, UK, a figure like Arnold Schwarzenegger during his Mr. Universe days walked confidently into the class. His imposing presence commanded attention, and his physique projected strength and determination. With a deep baritone voice that matched his stature, he asked "Is this where they're conducting restraint training?"

How Many Days is PMVA Training?

Actually, PMVA is a 3 day course (for newbies - if you're new to health and social care)

PMVA refresher is a one day course.(for "oldies"- if you've done the 3 Day training before)

As this was a refresher, you would imagine that this gentleman would understand that PMVA is not about restraining. It's about "how not to restraint".

New Professionals take the full course
3- Day Full Course PMVA

What is the meaning PMVA?

PMVA is Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression.

As you know, restraint is a physical intervention that is deployed when all verbal interventions have been explored and are not successful. Therefore, PMVA in itself is not restraint training.

In the field of health and social care in the UK, ensuring the safety and well-being of both staff and service users is of paramount importance. As I watched the gentleman take his seat, I reflected on the true essence of PMVA training. It’s not about showcasing physical strength or mastering restraint techniques; it’s about cultivating a safe environment through understanding, empathy, and preventive strategies.

The day unfolded with the other participants, engaging in discussions and activities designed to enhance their skills in de-escalation and conflict resolution. We shared stories, scenarios, and practical tips, all centred around the core principle of "how not to restrain."

PMVA is not in itself about restraining
PMVA Professionals

By the end of the 1-day refresher class, it was clear that our strongman had gained a new perspective. His initial impression of PMVA as mere "restraint training" had evolved into a deeper appreciation for the proactive measures that define the training. He realized that true strength lies in preventing violence and aggression through understanding and effective communication.

1- day PMVA Refresher Course
PMVA Refresher

This is why it is very important to carry out research on the training organization you choose to take your PMVA with, the authority and the level of experience the organization commands in the space. That is why I would highly recommend you visit our training website at to get started on your PMVA journey.

In conclusion, PMVA training, whether it’s the 3-day full course for newcomers or the 1-day refresher for experienced professionals, equips health and social care staff with essential skills to ensure safety and well-being. It emphasizes that restraint is a last resort, only to be used when all other interventions have failed. Through PMVA, we learn that the power to prevent violence comes not from physical prowess, but from knowledge, compassion, and the commitment to maintain a safe and supportive environment for everyone.

So, whether you’re just starting your journey in health and social care or looking to refresh your skills, remember that PMVA training is your gateway to a safer, more empathetic practice. It’s about fostering a culture of safety and respect, ensuring that every day at work is a step towards a more peaceful and secure environment for all.


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