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Utterly Happy

Believe, Engage & Trust

Let’s face it, happiness is easy. All it needs is for one or more pleasant event(s) to happen or for someone special to come by and usually that results in happiness. Question: What happens when these events are over or when the person leaves? My guess is, happiness leaves with them and that creates a void of “normal life”. Utter Happiness is an internal “state of being” that causes you to enjoy everyday life, irrespective of external circumstances. Being Utterly Happy covers your entire life. It makes you fearless, it gives you a genuine feeling of contentment plus a fun and fulfilling everyday life. Happiness is your birthright. You showed up on this planet like everybody else, so you deserve to be as happy as the happiest person alive. This book will guide your through the three pillars of Utter Happiness which is deeper than just being happy. When you understand how to (B.E.T.) Believe, Engage and Trust,

Utterly Happy is a spiritual biography explaining how the author developed from living a happy life to being an utterly happy person, and how the same could happen to you, if you are open to it. This book is worth reading, because who doesn’t want to be utterly happy in today’s fast changing and demanding world!

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